What type of messages will I receive?

The University will send emergency/life-threatening alerts and your particular school/department may choose to send other types of announcements, such as snow days.

How do I choose my primary location?

The primary location refers to the areas on campus that you frequent most. It can include where you live, work, eat, study etc.  For example, you may be a law student living in Allston.  Therefore ,you would want to select Allston and Cambridge as primary locations

Why do I have to select my primary location?

By selecting a location, you will be notified of emergency events that are affecting that specific area.  For example, if you live in Allston but study at the law school, if there were a power outage at the Law School you would be notified.  In addition, if there were a fire in Allston, you would be notified of that event as well.

Why am I being asked to enter cell phone and personal e-mail addresses?

Phones and e-mail addresses that are associated with Harvard University are already input into emergency notification systems on campus.  Therefore, you don’t have to do anything today to receive emergency alerts on those accounts.  MessageMe is being used as an additional tool to reach you in the event of an emergency and to make it more convenient for you to receive timely emergency messages.  Please do not input Harvard e-mail or phone information into the MessageMe system as it will congest other emergency notification too ls and slow the process down.

What is my personal contact information being used for?

Your personal contact information is being collected in order for you to receive critical information in the event of an emergency on campus.  Your information will only be used for reporting purposes, and will not be shared.  Click here to see the MessageMe privacy statement.

If I sign up for SMS, voice and e-mail, will I get multiple messages?

Yes, you will receive multiple messages if the MessageMe initiator chooses to use all communication modes.  Each emergency situation is different and the goal is to get the word out fast, then provide updates to keep you informed and safe.  Therefore, it is important to sign up for all alert methods