Welcome to MessageMe, Harvard University’s Emergency Notification System.  MessageMe allows the University to quickly distribute critical information to you, wherever you are located, during an emergency.

MessageMe helps you to stay informed in the event of an emergency by sending alerts to your personal electronic device (cell phone, pda, smartphone, etc.) through text messaging, voice, and/or email.

MessageMe is used in conjunction with other University tools to alert the Harvard Community of critical events that are either in progress or to provide a warning if an event is about to occur.

Registering for the service has never been easier. You now have the option of including the date you want your MessageMe alert notifications to expire. With the "Registered Through" date, you can choose a date of up to 4 years in the future, eliminating the need to register for MessageMe annually. Please note, you are still required to update your information if your personal contact information changes.